The Top 10 Wakeboarding Brands

Few sports are as trendy as wakeboarding. The wakeboard a person chooses shows how fashionable he is.

Wakeboard manufacturers are aware that the cool factor is what drives the sport. They have come up with boards that will help you to rule the waves.

1. Hyperlite

Hyperlite is a company that is synonymous with wakeboarding. It has sponsored wakeboarding celebrities like Shaun Murray and Rusty Malinoski.

Its founder, Herb O Brien, worked with expert shapers to make the first neutral buoyancy wakeboard. The new board was compression-molded. It increased the thrill of riding behind a boat.

Hyperlite has a reputation for producing refined wakeboards with thin profiles. They are slender enough to pass off as slalom skis. The company creates boards that cushion the impact of landings.

Hyperlite's thin boards have revolutionized the industry. Other companies have followed their lead and made their wakeboards more compact.

2. Ronix

Ronix is an unquestionable leader in the wakeboarding industry. Its wakeboards combine style, technology and comfort. The company produces boards and accessories including boots, ropes, and bags.

The renowned brand has no shortage of ambassadors. Top wakeboarders like Card Sharpe, Danny Harf, and Adam Errington endorse their products.

Ronix is well-known for its personal touch. It customizes boards for both men and women. Boards for guys and girls have unique advantages. Ronix has also come up with a range of trendy products for children. The manufacturer's Faith, Hope and Love board allows wakeboarders to ride waves at lightning speed.

3. CWB Board Co

CWB Board Co. has made its presence felt in the wakeboarding world. The company boasts expertise in manufacturing customized boards for men, women and children. Its impressive array of products includes fashionable ski boots as well.

CWB has affiliations with Connelly, renowned ski manufacturers. A team of expert wakeboarders is at its helm. This team has introduced wakeboard innovations that have reshaped the wakeboarding industry.

The broad range of technologies it employs sets CWB apart from its competitors. CWB uses closed-cell polyurethane foam to make its boards. The foam allows boards to withstand abuse. The wakeboard manufacturer cuts foam using an advanced grid system. Cutting the foam this way unifies the top and bottom of each board.

4. Obrien

Obrien's aim is to help all wakeboarders have pleasant experiences in the water. Its directors want to help wakeboarders create a lifetime of memories. The company creates products that enable fun for the whole family.

Obrien has been manufacturing boards for over 50 years. It became famous for producing boards at affordable prices. Supporters have associated this brand with value, performance, and quality.

The organization's incredible array of goods include wakeboards and towable tubes. It specializes in customizing boards to enhance a rider's strengths and improve his weaknesses.

5. Liquid Force

Liquid Force is a name that every wakeboarder knows. The company specializes in manufacturing wakeboards, wakeboard-related products, and clothing. It sponsors many famous sportsmen.

Jimmy Redmon and Tony Finn founded Liquid Force in 1995. They looked for alternatives to surfing and water skiing. The former rivals soon discovered each others' strengths and formed a new company, Waketech. Their twin-tip board allowed a surfer to ride with his right foot forward.

Liquid Force is famous for its constant innovations. It introduces hybrid, lightweight boards that will improve a rider's experience.

6.Slingshot Sports

Slingshot Sports produces top-of-the-line boards that combine technology and art. Their jaw-dropping range of products include kites, wakeboards, surfboards and accessories for water sports.

Slingshot has been an industry player since 1999. Its mission was, and still is, to gear riders up for outdoor adventures. The company dares to take risks and believes in constant innovation. It manufactures wakeboards and kites at its design center, the distillery.

Art is at the heart of the organization's culture. Slingshot places heavy emphasis on graphic technology. Art makes the tops and bottoms of its boards stand out.

7. Byerly

Byerly's reach is global. The company produces wakeboards for people all over the world. Over the years, it has generated many quality wakeboards, wakeskates, and boots.

Scott Byerly started the company in 2006. His aim was to help surfers succeed at riding the waves. Over the years, Byerly has come up with many industry firsts. In 2009, the company introduced a board design, the Hook, that allowed its edge to sit in the water.

Byerly is famous for using cutting-edge technology. The company's hand-crafted boards comprise premium composites and fiberglass.

8. Body Glove

Body Glove prides itself on its excellence in product design. The company manufactures wakeboards, wakeboard-related accessories, and clothing for men and women. It offers DVDs and a collection of exciting books about water sports.

Twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell established Body Glove in 1953. Their vision was for the organization to become a leading water sports brand. The brothers aimed to do this by introducing innovative products that improved lives. Body Glove mission is to enrich every person's experience in the water.

Mention Neoprene Wetsuits and you will think of Body Glove. The brothers discovered neoprene, an insulating material. It allows a wakeboarder to swim in cold water.

9. Jobe Sports International

Jobe encapsulates everything to do with water sports. The company offers wakeboards, clothing, accessories and other wakeboard-related products. It sponsors a large number of talented athletes.

Professional skier Frank Jobe developed the Dutch brand in 1974. The company started by manufacturing skis, then products for water sports. Sports and Recreation Den Bol bought the rights to Jobe in 2008. Its business began to flourish.

Jobe's mission is to help sporting enthusiasts enjoy life. It wants to help people to create memories and discover exciting new places. The company's primary goal is to share its love for water sports.

Jobe is best known for creating stand-up paddleboards, or SUPs. They are like surfboards, except that you use a paddle to move them forward. The wakeboard producer's most famous innovation is the bamboo SUP.

10. Airhead

Airhead offers first class products for the wakeboard lover. Besides boating, wakeboards, SUPs and wakeboard-related accessories, the company manufactures products for snow sports.

Airhead is a subsidiary of parent corporation Kwi Tek, which started it over 20 years ago. The organization grew to become a leading manufacturer of tow tubes and inflatable floats. It now includes well-designed wakeboards in its range.

Airhead prides itself on creating products with 840 denier nylon covers. It also uses PVC bladders, which few companies can hope to emulate.

With the help of these wakeboard brands, you can embrace the sport with passion.

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