Top 10 Places To Wakeboard In The US

There’s nothing as exciting as the thrill of riding a wave, more so when it comes from the wake of a speeding boat. The US is a big country filled with several wonders, including perfect places for heart-pounding stunts on wakeboards. Even if you have already taken on the massive waves of Australia and Hawaii, wakeboarding in the US is still a unique experience.

If you are thinking about testing out your wakeboarding skills in new waters, then we’ve come up with this comprehensive list of top wakeboard spots in the US. Here are the top 10 places to wakeboard in the US:

1. Texas Ski Ranch

The Texas Ski Ranch is a wakeboarding dream come true for most people. It’s a space that’s specially-dedicated to the extreme sports, including wakeboarding . One of the main hassles of wakeboarding is the need for a boat. However, that’s not the case here. They usually have cables that will propel you across the waters and into some of the most wicked ramps and rails around. You can choose to catch some serious air or even focus on your own water tricks at this ultramodern facility.

2. Colorado River, US Southwest

The still and cool water combined together with a relatively hot weather makes the Colorado River to be one of the best water-ski locations in US. The summer season is an especially great time to go there since there are many activities going on over this period. If you are so inclined, then you might also want to check the yearly speedboat races.

3. Lake Powell

Lake Powell is among the largest man-made lakes around the world, with close to 190 miles of blue water, traversing parts of Arizona and Utah. With such a huge piece of land, you will not even notice the millions of visitors that it gets every year, more so during summer. The lake is gorgeous, with incredibly-scenery. There’s also plenty of room for you to do a few wild tricks without having to worry about crossing the wakes and the other problems that are associated with small venues.

4. Lake Michigan

Chicago is the largest and the most iconic city in Illinois with a long history of sports, massive parties and gangsters. Lake Michigan is located right up against metropolitan area and it’s home to some expensive boats. However, the actual selling point is Chicago skyline. You won’t get too many places where you can go to wakeboard on one of the biggest lakes in Midwest with towering skyscrapers behind you. It’s the ideal place for those mid-stunt selfies provide your phone is waterproof.

5. Bow Lake, WA

Bow Lake attracts both professional wakeboarders and beginning wakeboarders. For an outstanding wakeboarding experience, ensure that you visit Bow Lake between April and October during spring and summer.

6. Coble Ski Camp

Anyone who’s new to the wakeboarding sport, can travel to the Coble Ski Camp. The facility has camps and classes for all people to learn everything about wakeboarding. It’s well-designed to have the best wakeboarding experience around, thanks to their unique policy of allowing only a one boat on each of their 10 private lakes. The camp also has beautiful backdrops and pristine waters to learn wakeboarding.

7. Wailua River

Hawaii is widely-known for its perfect surfing and amazing beaches, but the Wailua River is a perfect spot for anyone who wants to leave surfing and do wakeboarding. It’s among the few explorable rivers in Hawaii. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists and wakeboarders alike. The river consists of a 20-miles stretch a lot of fun stops and scenery on the way. You can also take a break from wakeboarding and then visit the 120-ft Secret Falls and the Kamokila Hawaiian Village. All these are along the river just for you to explore.

8. Table Rock Lake

With a glasslike surface coupled with a good reputation for breathtaking wakeboarding, The Table Rock Lake is one of the top wakeboard spots. It has been the home for the MasterCraft Wakeboarding Competition for several years. If you choose to visit during summer, the water reaches 70 degrees, so just leave the wetsuit at your home. Table Rock Lake is where professionals go to wakeboard in Missouri and you can join also their ranks.

9. Lake Austin

If you’re planning to visit Austin, Texas, then don’t ever forget to stop at Lake Austin and enjoy some wakeboarding. Lake Austin is a very popular lake in Texas where you are just as likely to spend much time having fun and partying as riding the wakes. The lake presents a great place for you to enjoy yourself without having any pressure. You’ll certainly love the party nature of this area where fun is much more important than talents.

10. Lake Shasta, CA

Lake Shasta has for a long time been considered as one of the best places to wakeboard. There are 4 arms, each arm with a separate lake and the main lake near a dam. While you’re here, you will also have numerous inlets and coves for you to explore.


If you’ve been looking for the ideal place for vacation, then look no further. The above article has highlighted the best places for wakeboarding in the USA. Whether you’re just starting out or wakeboard pro, the above places will certainly offer a memorable wakeboarding experience.

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