How to Maintain Wakeboarding Gear

Wakeboarding was originally known as skurfing, and it started in the late 1970s with the advent of snowboarding which by then was called ski-boarding. Though it has many origins, many lovers of this sport believe that it was created in New Zealand and Australia with unbound boards that were in the shape of a hand designed for towing. A Canadian; Paul Fraser together with his brother Murray coined the term wakeboarding and a snowboarder. While wakeboarding is an interesting sport that has been incorporated in World games since 2005, wakeboard maintenance is important before and after you hit the waves. There are various things you need to do to maintain your wakeboard.

Thorough Inspection and Cleaning

It can be fun to get outdoors into the water where grime and dirt are part of the experience. After wakeboarding, therefore, you will want to be clean and ensure that your gear is also thoroughly ready for the next gaming. Wakeboards also get dirty and if you are not careful to clean them, you will soon realize that the grime and dirt have build up, or that the wakeboard has even changed color. This is because the wakeboard is exposed to different conditions when using, be it salt or fresh water or resting against rocks and dirt. It can also get dirty when it comes in contact with sea creatures and weeds. When cleaning your board, therefore, ensure that you rinse it with fresh water before packing into a storage container or its bag. However, ensure that it is completely dry before storage.

After long periods of shredding in the water, your snowboarding gear will need some maintenance or replacing. Get to know the items you can repair with the help of an expert or alone if you have the experience. Additionally, inspect your jackets, boots, goggles, pants, and gloves for any issue of waterproofing or holes. Similarly, check the bindings of your snowboard for broken pieces, rust at the sidings, and any scratches at the base. The time you allocate to your gear maintenance will pay off the next time you hit the slopes with bindings that cannot throw you away, goggles that cannot break, and outwear that cannot fail in keeping you cozy and nice.

Wash and Dry Wakeboarding Gear Before Storage

Moisture gets trapped in your gear every time you wear them, and if you ignore, it can develop into mold. For the case of your boots, remove the liners and wipe the boots using s damp cloth. Hand-wash the insoles and liners with mild cleanser and water then dry them completely before putting them back inside the boots. To ensure that the boots maintain their original shape, tie or buckle them up. Additionally, wash and dry properly all your wakeboarding clothes before storing them. If your goggles are smudged and sweaty, do not clean them using your clothes. Instead, use a special cleaner and no-fog cloth made for goggles then keep them safely in their bag.

Re-waterproof Your Wakeboarding Jacket

Wakeboarding jackets may fail to function as expected after a long period of constant use. In this case, it is a high time you re-waterproof them. To do this, wash your jacket using waterproofing liquid and special cleaner for outwear. Separate the loads for re-waterproofing and washing your jacket using approximately two capfuls of liquid for one to two jackets. Additionally, you can use a spray re-proofer once the jacket is clean and dry.

Remove Bindings and Tune the Waterboard

Before you start waxing and tuning your wakeboard, remove the bindings for an easy and workable surface. You can do this using a screwdriver while keeping track of their positioning. Tuning your wakeboard ensures that it is in good condition ready to cruise through the waters. Check it also for any burrs and gouges that can slow you down. If your wakeboard has some scrapes, wax them up using the right waxing material like the P-Tex candle. For rusty wakeboards, clear them off with diamond stone then finish and polish the edges using gummy stone to make your wake board look new.

The fun you have when wakeboarding cannot be underestimated. You could be in the sport for personal recreation or for competition. In any case, good wakeboarding maintenance is crucial.

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